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Did you already know ...

... that GF has a prayer room for all faiths?

Giving space to faith and encouraging religious diversity – at Globalfoundries Dresden, we work with people of different religions and beliefs every day. Regardless of whether they are Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish or Muslim. In order to bring one’s own religion into harmony with professional life, we offer a prayer room where our employees can retreat for a time of prayer.

Since 2010, religious employees have had an opportunity for devotion and prayer on site. The prayer room is open 24/7 and can be easily booked through the calendar function. This function offers the possibility that different faiths do not overlap when using the room and have it all to themselves. To be considerate of religious affiliation, there is also a gender-separated ablution room to prepare for prayer. The ablution room is adjacent to the prayer room and provides a place to clean up before prayer. The prayer room is located in the Office building on the 1st floor on the way to the personnel office, diagonally opposite Communications (room number E.122.06).