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Did you already know ...

... that we are actively committed to maintaining the psychological and mental health of our employees?

As an attractive employer and with our focus on social sustainability, we want to contribute to maintaining the mental and psychological strength of our employees. For this purpose, we offer the “Employee Assistance Program” as a company social counseling service. As part of this program, our employees have the opportunity to receive advice from our external service provider – the Institute for Diagnostics, Prevention and Mental Health. Among other things, the program offers the following:

  • Help and advice with insecurity, fears, stressful situations and burdens
  • Counseling on mental well-being and stress management (mindfulness, mental resilience ideas, optimism, healthy sleep, ways to switch off…)
  • Assistance in the organization to contact other institutions
  • Joint development of perspectives
  • Coaching and support for executives in dealing with “digital leadership” (leadership roles and tasks, etc.)
  • Help and counseling with family stress
  • Support in finding external specialist services and therapy places
  • Joint development of resources and alternative options

Of course, the consultations are completely anonymous and no personal data is collected.