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Did you already know ...

... that we have a wild meadow on our site?

To contribute to ecological sustainability, we established a wild meadow on our site in 2016 at the initiative of our Culture Team. Wild meadows are not only a beautiful sight, but also have a very high species diversity and thus provide an ecological sanctuary for numerous endangered animal and

plant species. Natural wildflower meadows have become extremely rare in our industrial agricultural landscape – and are therefore even more important for the native flora and fauna. Wild meadows need a lot of rest for undisturbed growth, which is why our wild meadow is only mowed once a year.

Since 2018, a school excursion has also been taking place regularly in summer in cooperation with our partner school “Kurfürst Moritz Schule” from Boxdorf as part of a long-term project in biology lessons. The school children come to us for a day and take a close look at the flora and fauna of our wild meadow. The students photograph and document the discovered plants, beetles or butterflies and evaluate their observations at the end. This gives us a nice overview of how our wild meadow changes from year to year.