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Did you already know ...

... that we measure our environmental impact with bees?

Bees are essential for our ecosystem. They not only produce delicious honey, but also pollinate around 80 percent of all flowers. They provide billions of dollars of pollination for agriculture. In some countries, humans already have to take over this job because there are too few bees.


In cooperation with the Culture Team and EHS Security, our colleague Peter Volk, an engineer at IMIT and hobby beekeeper, has set up beehives near Gate 2. The current 20,000 or so busy bees are already swarming our wild meadow in the spring-like temperatures, laying the groundwork for what we hope will be a bountiful honey harvest throughout the bee year. Samples of honey, pollen and wax will then be sent to a lab for chemical analysis. Since bees have a flight radius of about 3 km, we can use the honey analysis to draw conclusions about the environmental influences in our immediate surroundings.

Our employees can then purchase the honey in our cafeteria.  With the proceeds we want to support sustainable projects in our environment. We will keep you informed in this regard.