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Did you already know ...

... that our managers also take part in regular further training?

The success of a team depends not only on its professional qualities, but above all on its psychological mechanisms of action. Only those who build a good relationship with their colleagues and motivate them to achieve their best individual performance can contribute to success in the long term.

Even if a manager has already gained several years of experience in leading teams, in our fast-paced and modern world, he or she can and must continue to learn. This also means taking the time to refresh and develop skills. After all, effective management is essential to guarantee an attractive and inspiring working environment for employees and the success of the company. With the intention of building responsible leaders at all levels at GF, numerous training and development programs are offered. There are basic development programs designed to help managers in a new role, or employees taking on a leadership role at GF for the first time, get started.

There are also global development programs that keep all our leaders worldwide up to date on key leadership messages and issues. Current programs include Leading@GF 1.0 and 2.0, which focus on “captivating communication” and inclusive and transformational leadership, among other topics.

Furthermore, many other trainings, WBTs and manager briefings are offered so that our managers are always informed about GF-specific knowledge, new tools and processes.